Who We Are

Quid Pro Quo Media is the dedicated media division of BBX (https://bbxuk.com), one of the world’s largest business trade exchanges, established in 1993.

With offices in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Costa Rica; we have extensive experience across most media types, including: TV, radio, printed media, OOH & DOOH, sponsorship & promotion, events & exhibitions, and digital media.

Our mission is to support community and environmental causes by unlocking the value in unsold advertising and by letting organisations purchase advertising with their own unsold inventory or spare capacity instead of cash.  

So that….

  • Media Owners can convert their unsold / remanent advertising space into forces for good, reduce their carbon footprint, attain new advertisers and increase sales revenue
  • Advertisers can buy the advertising they need to drive growth in sales and profits without impacting their cash flow
  • Charities can grow their donor base and conserve their cash flow

Our partners are

  • media owners who share our vision for repurposing advertising wastage for good
  • advertisers who have unsold inventory or spare capacity who want to harness its value to acquire advertising to grow
  • charities who want to access new corporate donors and funding

Organisations we have worked with, include:

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