Media Owners


Are you experiencing margin pressure by having to give away or discount unsold advertising inventory? Are you seeing your client base eroded by digital competitors? Does funding your CSR & environmental objectives put further pressure on cash flow?

What We Do

QPQ Media will recycle some of your unsold / remnant inventory into CSR and sustainability projects at full value, protecting your margins and releasing funding for such initiatives, whilst increasing your advertiser base

How it works

  • You join the QPQ Ecosystem
  • We acquire your unsold ad space at the fair prevailing rate using QPQ’s digital currency
  • You nominate a charity to donate your digital currency to or acquire UN certified carbon offset credits.
  • We place the media with advertisers on our platform who pay us with their own wastage
  • You record the sale and expenses in your P&L

The Benefits

  • Converts your worthless unsold ad space into value
  • Boosts your CSR profile
  • Progresses your net zero objectives on a cost neutral basis
  • Grows and diversifies your advertiser base
  • Provides P&L and balance sheet gains

Join our innovative ecosystem RIGHT NOW
and help us harness wastage for good