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What is QPQ’s digital currency?

QPQ’s platform utilises our sister company, BBX’s, established trade credit system, BBX £. This currency is valid tender within the QPQ Ecosystem and BBX trade exchange platform worldwide.  It is a notional accounting credit pegged to the GBP £ and cannot be traded like a Crypto digital currency. 1 BBX £ is equal to 1 GBP £

How do I account for QPQ’s digital currency?

BBX £ should be accounted for in the same way as any other revenue or cost. Income is recorded in your sales line and expenditure in your costs. VAT and tax is applicable and deductible as per your existing accounting policy. We always advise all account holders to consult their qualified advisor to ensure best practise is followed.

How do I manage my digital currency balance?

Your account balance is maintained in a fully functioning banking platform with a dedicated account for you which can be accessed on-line and via smartphone App access.  A full range of banking features can be utilised for purchases, trading and donations transacted via the platform.

How do I acquire UN certified carbon offset credits with my digital currency?

An account manager will be allocated to you when you join our platform and will work with you to access our sustainability partners to acquire the offset you need to hit your targets.

How do I make donations to charity with my digital currency?

If you elect to donate to one of our existing charity panel members, the transaction can be affected immediately via your allocated account manager. If you nominate a charity not already in our panel then we will open a complimentary account for them so that they can receive your donation and then work with them to offset cash expenses to benefit from your donation.

How do I acquire advertising with my unsold stock or spare capacity?

Working with a member of our trading team you will identify suitable advertising opportunities we have available. You then transfer 120% of the equivalent value of your stock or issue vouchers to your services to us and the transaction completes.

Our transaction fees

A 6.5% transaction fee in GBP £ is payable by Media Owners and Charities on purchases or donations they transact via our platform. Invoices are generated automatically each month by our banking platform.

How are transactions processed

Transactions are processed on our platform by your account manager or directly by you once you are familiar with the processes.

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