Join the QPQ Ecosystem

In order to harness advertising wastage and transform it into a force for good, QPQ Media brings together like minded media owners, advertisers, charities and sustainability providers into a powerful ecosystem; supported by a sophisticated trading platform; that converts redundant media inventory into valuable resources for charities, good causes and sustainability projects whilst enabling advertisers to acquire the repurposed media with their own unsold inventory or spare capacity

Our ecosystem is a community of like-minded organisations and individuals committed to transforming wastage into positive social and environmental impact

A determined spirit flourishes via events, meet ups, forums, chat groups, and social media platforms where members connect and collaborate.

At the heart of the QPQ Ecosystem is a sophisticated tried and tested digital trading platform which utilises our own digital currency (BBX £) to effect transactions between member organisations. A BBX £ is pegged to GBP £ and is essentially an accounting methodology.  It does not have its own market like a crypto currency and is accounted for in the same way as any other revenue our expense.


Joining the QPQ system as a media partner, an advertiser or a charity is straightforward

Media Owners

A modest subscription aligned to turnover is payable by media owners.


Advertisers subscribe with their unsold stock or spare capacity.


Charities, sustainability providers and GOOD causes receive complimentary membership.

Transaction Fees

QPQ media charge a modest GBP £ transaction fee of 6.5% on purchases made by our partner organisations, to cover our administration costs. 

QPQ’s transaction fees are generated automatically on a monthly basis.